we are

a local philly band,

founded october 2017. 

Our genre

Alternative rock dance funk. *ARDF.

find us

All over the Philly DIY houseshow scene,

local bars and venues. Our music can

be searched on Apple Music, Spotify,

Pandora, Google Play, Bandcamp, etc.

under our name, the poms. 

poms logo white outline-04.png

meet the gang

marysa lee

Lead Singer

From Boston. Aquarius. Has published a book, and several poems. Graphic design student, horse trainer, and Painter. 

dan fare


From bucks county pa. Scorpio. dan is a film Major, as well as a Guitar Hero Fiend. He likes to spend his time buying records. 

will schaumann


From west Chester PA. scorpio. music production/ Business student. very good at reddit. loves john mayer. affectionately known as temp.

megan burke


From long island, ny. virgo. Has a cat named Snail, and is lactose intolerant. she feels that blonde by frank ocean is the best album of all time. 

sam ansa


From berwyn pa. libra.. arts management student, skateboarder, and likes anime. Pokemon expert, very good at painting nails. 

thomas andreae


From california. saggitarius. music industry student, and sound engineer for several Philly venues. He has produced all of the poms releases.